Unit 8 - SMP Negeri 3 Jabung


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Unit 8

Section One
Activity 1 
Your teacher may ask you these questions.
Answer the questions orally.

1. Do you have a close friend? 
2. What is her name? 
3. Is she beautiful? 
4. Is she tall or short? 
5. What color is her hair? 
6. Does she like music? 
7. What food does she like? 
8. What color is her skin? 
9. What color are her eyes? 
10. Is she kind? 
Vocabulary Building 

Here are the words that you use to describe people, animals, things or places. These words are calledadjective. 

Activity 2 
Look at the pictures. 
Read the sentences below the pictures. 
With a partner, discuss the meanings of the words in italic. 

The girl on the left is tall. The dog on the left is big. 
The girl on the right is short. The dog on the right is small. 

The bridge on the left is high. The man on the left is fat.
The bridge on the right is low. The man on the right is thin. 
The train on the left is fast. The plates on the left are clean. 
The train on the right is slow. The plates on the right are dirty. 
The glass on the left is full. The road on the left is wide. 
The glass on the right is empty. The road on the right is narrow. 

Activity 3
With a friend, find more adjectives with their opposites. 

Beautiful ugly

Activity 4 
Describe your classroom condition with your friend. 
Choose one that really describes your classroom. 
1. The floor is ___________________. (wide/narrow) 
2. The blackboard is _________________. (clean/dirty) 
3. Your friend is ________________. (fat/thin) 
4. Your bag is _________________. (full/empty) 
5. The ceiling is _________________. (high/low) 
6. The clock on the wall is _______________. (big/small) 
7. The windows are _______________. (open/closed) 
8. The light on the ceiling is _______________. (on/off) 

Activity 5With a partner describe 8 things around you with the words in italics above. 
The wall is wide. 
The floor is dirty. 
My school bag is big. 

Activity 6 
Look at your friend sitting next to you. 
And in turn, describe his/her appearance or habits. 
Do as the example. 
You are a good student. 
You are diligent. 
You are not lazy. 
You are tall. 
You are not short. 
You are thin. 
You are not fat. 

Activity 7Describing Physical States and Emotions 
With a friend, practice asking and answering questions. 
Do as the examples. 
sick happy

A: Is the man healthy? A: Is the woman sad? 
B: No, he isn’t. He’s sick. B: No, she isn’t. She’s happy. 
1. hungry 2. thirsty

3. hot 4. cold 

5. Full 6. Sad

Activity 8 
Ask your friend these questions. 
A: Are you hungry? 
B: Yes, I am. 
No, I’m not. I’m full. 
a. Are you thirsty? 
b. Is it hot? 
c. Are you tired? 
d. Is it cold? 
e. Are you happy? 
f. Are you sad? 

Section Two 

Story Telling 

Activity 1 
Dea describes her grandma’s home for the wall magazine. 
Your teacher will read the description for you. 
a. Before you listen to the story, answer these questions: 
· Do you have a grandma? 
· Is she old? 
· Does she live with you? 
· Is she kind? 
· Is she healthy? 
· Does she love you? 
b. Listen to your teacher reading Dea’s description of her Grandma’s home. 
Fill up the missing words.


Activity 2 
With a partner, answer these questions. 

What is the story about?2. Who is the character in the story? 
3. Where does she live? 
Activity 3 

a. It is an invitation for a birthday party from Dea to Dara. 

Who is watching TV?
Who is going to celebrate the birthday?
When will be the birthday?
Who is Raynor?
b. Write an invitation for a birthday party from you to: 

Your close friend

Your Grandma

Activity 4 
a. Your two friends will read the dialogue for you. 
Listen carefully. 
Talking about personal details 
Brilly : Excuse me, what’s her name? 
Hanum : It’s Diajeng. 
Brilly : How do you spell that? 
Hanum : D-I-A-J-E-N-G. 
Brilly : Where is she from? 
Hanum : She’s from Semarang. 
Brilly : What is her telephone number? 
Hanum : It’s (024) 8315843. 
Brilly : Thanks 
b. Answer these questions. 
1. Brilly opens the conversation by saying ……… 
2. What does Brilly want to know about? 
3. Who answers Brilly’s questions? 
4. Does she know her name? 
5. Does she know her telephone number? 
6. What does Brilly say to end the conversation? 

Activity 5 
Borrowing something 

a. Your two friends will read the dialogue. 
Listen carefully 
Dani : Excuse me, Sam. 
Sam : Yes, what’s up? 
Dani : Well, could you lend me your dictionary please? 
Sam : Certainly. Here you are. 
Dani : Thank you very much. 
Sam : You’re welcome. 
b. Students do the same thing in pairs. 

Activity 6 
a. Your two friends will read the dialogue. 
Listen carefully 
Student A is asking the teacher about a test. 
Student : Excuse me, Sir! 
Teacher : Yes, Intan. What can I do for you? 
Student : Do we have test next week ? 
Teacher : Yes, I think so. 
Student : My sister is getting married next week. 
May I take it some other time? 
Teacher : Sure, you may. 
Student : Thank you, Sir. 
Teacher : You’re welcome. 

Students do the same thing in pairs
Section Three 

Activity 1 

Look at the list of the things below. 
Student A asks questions where the objects are. 
student B answers them. 
A : Where is the pencil? 
B : It’s on the table.

1. atlas 3. bag 5. umbrella 
2. video 4. dictionary 6. video camera

Activity 2 
Two of your friends will read the dialogue. 
Listen carefully. 
Giving your telephone number 
A: What’s your telephone number? 
B: It’s 024 8315843. 
A: Sorry, Can you repeat that please? 
B: Sure. It’s oh -- twenty-four -- eight -- thirty-one -- fifty-eight -- forty-three. 

Do the same thing in pairsb. Ask five people for their telephone numbers and write them in your notebook. 
c. Answer the teacher’s questions orally. 
A: What is your telephone number? 
B: It’s ….. 

Activity 3 
Your two friends will read the dialogue. 
Listen carefully 

A: Excuse me, Tom. Do you have a watch? 
B: Yes, I do. 
A: What time is it now? 
B: It’s twelve o’clock sharp. 
A: Thank you. 
Make your own dialogue with your friends in pairs. 

Section Four

Activity 1
The teacher reads the story aloud. 

The students listen carefully

Write down your own story. 
It is about your own grandma, father, mother, sister, or brother. 
You may choose one of them 

Activity 2
Fill up the blank spaces in the dialogue with a partner.
Making an appointment

Activity 3Play role as Dea and her friend. 

Activity 4
Performing a dialoguePerform the dialogue with your friend in front of the class 
A: How old are you Martha? 
B: I’m twelve. Are you twelve too? 
A: Yes, I am. I’m going to be twelve next week. 
B: Oh, really? 
A: Yes, sure. 
B: Will you invite me for your birthday party? 
A: Sure, I will. I plan to invite all of my classmates. 
B: Thank you Martha. Looking forward to having birthday party next week. 
A: You’re welcome. 

Tell your friend about your dress you want to wear to the party

Some information about you

What’s your full name? Put your photograph here 
What do your friends call you?
Are you male or female? 
How old are you? 
Where are you from? 
What colour are your eyes? 
What colour is your hair? 
How tall are you? 

Your likes and dislikes 

Who is your favourite pop star? 
Who is your least favourite pop star? 
What is your favourite food? 
What is your favourite colour? 
What is your favourite TV programme? 
What are your favourite things? 
What is the worst thing in the world? 


Lastly, which of these do you think you are? 

Good-looking fun happy 
Interesting boring bossy 
Intelligent friendly shy 
Quiet nice honest